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Why Men Wear Pocket Squares in Pocketadhesive foam squares

Jazzing up a suit can be done in one hundred and one ways. Some men opt to wear the fanciest accessories from a nice and ornate pair of cuff links to antique pocket watches. Others have studs made of different gems in their suit. However, not everybody can afford to splurge on accessories that will cost them an arm and a leg.

Thanks to pocket squares. It has revolutionized the way a perfect suit is supposed to look. Best of all it does not cost you that much. Instead, a pocket square made of the nicest fabric will do the trick.

Pocket squares became popular sometime in the 1920s. Back then, they were essentially used for hygienic purposes. However, as the years pass by, fashion finally caught on with the trend and wearing of handkerchiefs has evolved into a fashion statement.

Why do men wear pocket silks and some don’t? Well, those who do, defy the conventional and are not afraid to think out of the box. Nevertheless, here are some reasons why some men are fond of wearing them and why it is about time for other men to try it out as well.

Pocket squares are excellent accessories that can lighten up an ordinary suit. They are perfect accents and sleek too. The secret of an elegant perfect square actually lies on the fabric and the way it is folded. Holywood celebrities and hunks are so fond of them because it brings out a certain kind of class in their outfit.

Wearing of a pocket square is fast becoming a trend. Men also want to keep up with the trend more than women do. Of course, who wants to be left behind, right? While ties never go out of style, pocket silks are this generation’s must have piece of accessory. Just like women, men also love dressing up and they exert a lot of efforts in order to look good.

Pocket squares are all about style. Since they can be folded in many different ways, you can be as stylish as you wish. You can pair them with a formal suit or a casual attire. They can be worn with pin stripe suits or any plain outfit. Either way you wear them, there is always a pocket square that is perfect for the occasion.

Investing in pocket hankies is a very practical move. While some men spend big bucks on gold and silver cufflinks or ornately designed and crafted pocket watches, pocketsquares are very affordable. Silk hankies are good investment but designs are limited in so far as folding them is concerned. On the contrary, linen and cotton pocket squares are cheaper. Some designs that will not look best on silk can be done with these fabrics.

Being fashionable and chic doesn’t require one to wear the most expensive suit and accessories. Instead, it is all about wearing the right accessories at the right time and with the right suit. Pocket squares may not cost you a considerable amount of money but it can go a long way in making you look good and undeniably trendy.

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